The Ria Reece Band
Out All Night
Disco Fairy Records

The Ria Reece Band exemplifies the soul and R&B revival occurring across North America. The Montreal based unit’s second album Out All Night shows what they mean when they call their style alternative R&B. The band is not hemmed in by one type of soul, blues or R&B sound, but rather the record blends every style imaginable into a delicious stew of modern, urban music, including the very funky, danceable, “Get It!,” an instrumental which forgoes their singer’s arresting voice for a few minutes. Although the band is a compact four person group, the Ria Reece Band employ some very tasty contributions from Pat Loiselle on slide, J.P. Bouffard on keys, and Maple Blues Winner, Guy Belanger on harmonica. Why is there a soul and R&B revival right now? Give this record a listen and you will understand. Ria Reece has been compared to Etta James, and the band to the Alabama Shakes, suggesting the range of soulful music on this delightful sophomore release.

– Jim Martens (Host of Blues in the Morning, Friday 9:00–11:00am)

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